Morphing from a quaint market stall, to a bricks and mortar restaurant, to being respected & acknowledged for sustainability, innovation & being one of New Zealand's best organic eateries.


Full of flavour and texture, always healthy and nourishing, moving with the seasons.

Mixing organic, local and seasonal with good fats, natural sweetness & native ingredients

creating a bold mélange of quality New Zealand produce.


Made with love, by hand and in small batches.

Small owner operator business with a huge environmental conscience, promoting a flourishing resilient living future, supporting our amazing farmers, growers and artisans.

Chef and Owner, Alesha Bilbrough-Collins, a true kiwi, shares her journey from a wonderous childhood to blooming adult who's health was side swiped when after years of torment, she discovered that agricultural chemicals had brought her to her knees.


Thus growing the beliefs, mantra and education of BearLion, fighting for a chemical free planet as a result of her own personal journey.

A fight that has strengthened BearLion's resolve for a more sustainable and respectful way of living. 

Marching to the beat of her own drum, embracing the natural beauty and nourishment of Mother Nature, with honest, living and

loving food at her heart.

More than a cockless Chef of 25 years. Morphing into an enviromental fairy, mover shaker, motivator.

Real Food advocator/revolutionist, repurposed artist.

Fauna and flora fiddler.


We are life and life is us. It’s a complete circle from earth to you. Protect this fearlessly and feriociously and ask questions of everything.
Become a conscious consumer in every aspect of your living.

Slow down, breathe, get off your phone and look the fuck outside.