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Cooking Classes

Hello lovely friends, family and supporters of BearLion Foods.

Feeling pretty excited to re-introduce our cooking classes that were held for

many years in Christchurch at our Delicatessen.

So if you are interested in learning some new hints, tips and tricks, learning a little more about the BearLion food and cooking philosophy and gain or re-gain your passion for great eating & fun cooking, then maybe this class is for you.


What to expect . . .


A class will consist of 6 people, you will have the unique experience of being in our in home commercial kitchen. We will welcome you into our space of living, cooking & growing.


The few hours demonstration will consist of 2 main ingredients, showcasing a multitude of ways in which you can make meals, snacks or sides that will increase your realm & limitations with 1 ingredient.


This will end with a sit down feast of all that has been prepared. Where we will feast, chat & have a laugh.


$150 per person.


Please get in touch to show your expression of interest (if you haven't done so already).

Advising if a week night or Saturday day would suit you best?


Get your own group together or just come alone, I look forward to entertaining & educating!


Love the Lion

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