Earthquakes & Butterflies . . .

18 Feb 2016



If anyone had any doubts about who is in charge, what a reminder last Sunday was. Mother Nature is definately in charge and she reminded us of  where we live; both in Chrsitchurch and New Zealand. I know that Alesha and I have taken it as a reminder of the sometimes harsh reality of living in such a beautiful, amazing country.


We were both at home at the time of the earthquake on Sunday, outside enjoying the afternoon sun with Alesha in the garden labouring in the vegetable patch. Once we had assessed and sorted the house our next stop was the Delicatessen. 


Although there was a bit of a mess with a few products and plates smashed, it wasn't as bad as we were imagining. It could have been a lot worse, and after a few hours of clean up the Delicatessen was clean and ready to go. 


We were also very pleased that our guests made it through the shake OK. At the moment we have four, yes four, Monarch Catepillars munching their way through our Swan Plants in one of our planter boxes. Three having commenced their tranformation into Chrysalis with the other one still munching away. Its all very exciting. 


Apparently the Monarch Buttlerfly's scientific name is 'Danus Plexippus' which is Greek for sleepy transformation. One of the few times a scientific name actually makes sense!


Anyway we are very excitied to have three Monarch transformations currently underway in our Delicatessen with hopefully the next one not too far off. Although if I was the last Catepillar, I would hang about for a bit longer, taking my time mucnhing my way through the remaining Swan Plants.


Every day when the doors open, Alesha checks in on these little guys to see how they are going.


Last year we had one Monarch Butterfly and we had the privledge of witnessing its first flight. We are hoping for more of the same this year.


Considering that each butterfly only lives for 4 to 5 weeks, getting to enjoy the Caterpillar, Pupa & Chrysalis phases is a welcome addition and a wonderful insight into these amazing creatures.


I don't even know if these little guys know about earthquakes, although never being one to dispel animals as less intelligant than humans; mabye they do.


The earthquake on Sunday was a bit of a shock and has probably reset the clocks for a lot of people. Although getting to the shop to see our four mates, Henry, Harold, Henrietta and Hank (yes we named them, although you will have to ask Rachel why their names all start with H), in fine condition munching away or in their Chrysalis phase was a nice reminder of the simple pleasures.


Earthquakes, Storms, Rain, Glaciers, etc are all Mother Natures way of shaping the planet and the country that we live in. These are all very real and extreme examples although we cannot forget the smaller and just as amazing ones too. 


We reckon our mates are one of Mother Natures most amazing and wonderful creations. The idea that a creature like a Catepillar can transform into a Butterfly is truly amazing.


Not to mention that Butterflies are also pollinators that travel long distances, ensuring coverage of equal amounts of flowering plants in a larger area.


To be able to enjoy the first part of these guys journey is one that Alesha and I don't take for granted. 


So get down to your local plant outlet and buy a couple of Swan Plants, and hopefully you will be able to enjoy this truly amazing transofrmation in your backyard.   



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